Through the Cat-flap ISBN: 9780340911129
Whybrow, Ian and Ross, Tony
Published by Hodder Children's Books (Books for Boys series), 2006
Thomas Leo Falling has wonky legs. He was a premature baby, which in his case meant he was unable to walk. However, by the time our story begins, he has been to Megan Baker House, where he has been given help in learning to walk with sticks. He still uses the wheelchair sometimes, but nothing seems to stop him from doing what he wants. In this funny, short (64 pp) novel, we learn lots about his family, his much older poet father, his young and pretty mum, and his twin sisters, Gemma and Lottie - 18 months old and real firecrackers! In spite of all the humour and knock-about style, there is a serious side to the story. Dad has been going through depression and writer's block, and money is very thin on the ground. The cat-flap comes in when Tom and the twins get locked out of the house. Mum's twin sister gets into the story too, as well as a very expensive Chinese vase. But it is Tom and his cheeky sense of humour that make the story, particularly as he is the one who tells it. Black and white illustrations scattered throughout help make this an easy-read. Great fun.
Age: 7+