The bad mood ISBN: 9780735818880
Petz, Moritz and Jackowski, Amelie
Published by North-South Books, 2004
Badger wakes up in a bad mood, and because he is miserable, he decides everyone else should be too. Off he goes to find his friends, and soon Raccoon, Deer, Fox, Hare and Squirrel are thoroughly cheesed off by his rudeness to them. When Badger returns home and does a bit of gardening, he discovers the bad mood lifts, and because he is happy, he want to play with his friends - who don't want to know! It takes the realisation on Badger's part that he is responsible for having passed on his bad mood for him to apologise and plan a party for his friends. Excellent for helping children accept that their moods can affect others. The quirky, slightly anarchic pictures are highly original.
Age: 3+