Peaches - the puppy who screeches ISBN: 9781901242713
Nikapota, Anula and Pearlman, Corinne
Published by Comic Company, 2001
Peaches is a lovely puppy, but she has a terribly high bark, much louder and quite different from the other puppies. No one want to play with her, and she is very sad and angry - and bites! Her worried parents want to send her to school, where they are assured the puppies will be taught not to laugh at her because she is different. But she refuses: 'No one will like me, and I won't like them'. When she rescues some puppies who have got locked into a garage, by barking her shrillest, she is fully accepted at school and becomes a model pupil. The emphasis is on the fact that everyone has special abilities, and sometimes even negative ones can be useful. A book in the Changing Minds Project from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, it should provide reassurance to children who are different in some way. Good colour, comic-style illustrations.
Age: 4+