Two tough teddies ISBN: 9781921272059
Niland, Kilmeny
Published by Little Hare Books, 2007
When Tilly Ted and Gruffy Ted are left in a box in the park, abandoned and unloved, they decide they must find someone new to love and take care of them. As they are tattered and worn, this could be difficult, but they set out with high hopes. First they must make themselves heard. As they are soft-spoken teddies, they practice growling and shouting, but this behaviour only frightens the mother cat and kittens they try to make friends with. Then they try being 'brave and bold', but that only scares a dog they want to impress. Sadly, they are afraid they will never find anyone to love them, and they fall asleep. A little girl finds them, takes them home, washes and mends them and gives them all the love they need. The moral of the story is that you can't make people love you by your behaviour - it must come naturally. Lovely, cuddly pictures by this Australian author/illustrator.
Age: 3+