Excuse me' learning about politeness ISBN: 9780750220927
Moses, Brian and Gordon, Mike
Published by: 
  • Wayland (Values series), 1997 (ISBN: 9780750220941)
  • Wayland (Values series), 1997 (ISBN: 9780750220934)
  • Wayland (Values series), 1997 (ISBN: 9780750220958)
  • Wayland (Values series), 1997 (ISBN: 9780750220927)
The 'Values' series is a set of books particularly useful for discussion purposes in schools. Excuse me deals mainly in good manners. I don't care explains respect - for other people, for society's rules, and for ourselves. I'll do it talks about being responsible and sensible about pets, possessions and other people, while It wasn't me emphasises the importance of honesty and how lies can hurt. There are notes for parents and teachers, including ideas that will help teachers with Attainment Targets at Key Stage 1. There are also short bibliographies of additional material and basic indexes. The comic pictures will appeal greatly, but some of the 'good' children are a little too good to be true.
Age: 5+