How should I behave? ISBN: 9780749661182
Manning, Mick and Granstrom, Brita
Published by Franklin Watts, 2004
A whole series of questions, often following logically one after another, with short, clear answers - much like a child might ask questions when the answer to one leads on the another. We learn the importance of please and thank you, what butting-in is and why we shouldn't do it, that swearing upsets others, that it is wrong to stick out your tongue in some situations but okay in others. A section on table manners leads on to burping and farting and why we try not to do them in public. Hygiene is covered too - flushing the loo, not picking your nose - all the things children like to giggle over. Helping at home, being patient in queues and in shops, sharing, bullying, telling fibs and lies, and 'stranger danger' are all discussed. This is a super general introduction as to how and why we should behave:....'if we all try to help each other by being polite and kind and thoughtful to others, it makes life a lot fairer - and much more fun!' The chalky, comic-style pictures are an absolute treat!
Age: 4+