It's my turn ISBN: 9780753409985
Maisner, Heather and Stephenson, Kristina
Published by Kingfisher (First Time Stories series), 2004
The strength of this book lies in the fact that it really is a story in spite of also being a lesson in sharing. When Amy and Ben have their friends Lucy and George over to play, mum and dad erect a tent in the garden for them. First there are arguments over whether Amy and Lucy will use the tent for their tea party or Ben and George will use it as a garage for their cars. There follow arguments over who gets what at lunch, how everyone can use the computer, and what sort of game they can all play together, all solved calmly by mum and dad. A riotous game of treasure hunt ends with the four children asleep in the tent. No morals here. Just sane problem solving, accompanied by super, humourous illustrations.
Age: 3+