In a little while ISBN: 9780370326566
Hudson, Charlotte and McQuillan, Mary
Published by The Bodley Head, 2005
Wobbily Fang is perturbed one morning to find that Mummy Wolf has disappeared. Father tries to be reassuring and explains that she isn't very well and has had to go away for a few days. But when Wobbily and his dad travel from their forest home to the big city to visit mum in hospital, Wobbily thinks she looks 'small and lost and alone'. He conjures up ways to make her cheerful, and on future visits takes her a picture he has drawn of her favourite view from Snowy Peak. He also brings her Wolf Choir to sing to her in hospital! But it is only when mum can come home again that Wobbily is really happy. This is a quirky, imaginative story - not your every-day depiction of a child missing his mum - but it works. The pictures are wonderfully imaginative, full of quirky angles, heavy brush strokes and clever detail. There is humour too. In hospital, mum is flanked on one side by a bear and on the other by a moose! Huge fun.
Age: 3+