Just one roar! ISBN: 9781903078556
Labaronne, Charlotte
Published by Siphano Picture Books, 2001
Matthew the alligator won't play with the other animals; he thinks they are sissies. He is noisy and disruptive in class and given a wide berth. But when he hears there is a new lion coming to school, he is very pleased. The lion will be strong and tough like him, and he will have a friend. When Alex turns up, she's a girl! Matthew is horrified and sets out to make her life a misery. He succeeds only too well until Alex has had enough. One giant roar sends Matthew reeling, and after that he treats Alex with great respect. They become friends and teach their classmates how to make lots of noise in the playground, where it is acceptable. The little animals are drawn with loving care - soft, round shapes, not intended to be realistic, but recognisable. The fact that they are animals treats the behaviour problem from a little distance. Charming and sympathetic.
Age: 3+