No! says Olly Bear ISBN: 9781842550656
Kenyon, Tony
Published by Orion, 2003
Olly is going throug a negative stage. He says 'no' to his porridge, 'no' to playing with baby sister, and 'no' to the baby coming to the shops with the family. He continues sulky throughout the shopping trip - a fact which his parents accept placidly. But when he finds the back door open at home and goes out in the garden by himself, where there's 'no one to tell him what to do' and 'no Baby Bear', he's a joyously happy Olly - until the rain comes. With the back door now locked, it is Baby Bear who comes to the rescue and who turns the tables nicely on her difficult brother. The warm, fuzzy-round-the-edges pictures are full of real family feeling.
Age: 2+