The golden cage ISBN: 9780862648442
Jones, Ivan and Brown, Ken
Published by Andersen Press, 1999
An allegory. Abigail is rich, lonely, selfish, and greedy. When she hears a song thrush singing, she demands that the gardener capture him for her, so he will sing only for her. He does so unwillingly, but the bird refuses to sing. Abigail provides larger and grander cages, but still the bird will not sing. The gardener tells her he will die because he is unhappy, but she angrily insists he is her bird. In a nearby wood she and the caged thrush are surrounded by thousands of birds, effectively caging her within their circle, and she finally understands the thrush's need for freedom. When she releases him, he chooses to come back to the garden to sing for her. Outstanding watercolour illustrations.
Age: 4+