Streaky - the annoying little piglet ISBN: 9781901242690
Hillyer, Ed and Nikapota, Anula
Published by Comic Company, 2001
Streaky really is annoying. He pushes in and bites his mum when feeding, he runs at top speed, splashing all the other pigs, and he insists on having his turn all the time. Of course, his hyperactivity means that no one will play with him. The grownup pigs think he is a disgrace, and it is only mum who loves him. 'Don't always do the first thing that comes into your head; consider others,' she tells him. He learns to stop and thoink ('Thoinking is what pigs do when they're thinking') and he is soon being a polite little pig, within pig-like limits! This is a book in the Royal College of Psychiatrists Changing Minds Project, and Streaky (who is quite lovable in spite of his problems) will provide encouragement to other little 'piglets' who need to change their behaviour.
Age: 4+