The sulky vulture ISBN: 9780747555735
Grindley, Sally and Terry, Michael
Published by Bloomsbury, 2002
Boris the vulture really is sulky. 'Head pullled down, shoulders hunched up, toes curled in' - he's the very picture of a sulky child. First he announces he doesn't like meat and won't eat his dinner. Then, one by one, his friends - Leo the leopard, Flora the zebra, and Tara the elephant - try to cheer him up by playing games with him. But they win, and he is sulky again. When he falls off Marvin the monkey's swing, he runs home for a cuddle. Mum says of course he can have one, but then it will be bedtime. 'But I don't like bed,' shouts Boris! The animal pictures are big and realistic, but Boris really is a negative two year old. Great fun!
Age: 2+