Refugee ISBN: 9780749643348
Neustatter, Angela and Elliott, Helen
Published by Franklin Watts (It Happened to Me series), 2002
The great strength of this book lies in the personal stories of the six refugee young people interviewed. A brief introduction explains the 1959 UN convention relating to refugees and explains the difference between an asylum seeker and a refugee. Then we meet Sophia (Afghanistan), Imara (Somalia), Vlad (Romania) Mira and Blauden (Kosovo), and Tarik (Turkey), each of whom is at some stage in the process of being accepted as a refugee. The detailed interviews are explicit and often harrowing, and are true proof of the human spirit and the ability to survive. Sometimes the very flatness of their statements has the most impact. An important book for helping us understand suffering. Thoughtful discussion questions are included after each interview, and there is the usual glossary, an index, and a list of contacts.
Age: 11+