Buffy - an adventure story ISBN: 9780744577853
Graham, Bob
Published by Walker, 2001
This one is for the child who longs for a settled home. Buffy is a hugely talented little brown dog. He can juggle and tap dance, throw ropes and play the harmonica. But when his magician boss finds he is too popular, he throws him out, and Buffy is homeless. He hops a train to the country, but no one wants to hire a dog who does tricks. Then he travels the world, but cannot find what he is looking for. Finding himself in a big city, he does a spot of busking, using all his talents, and is found by Mary Kelly and her family, who take him home and love him to bits. Every evening the music starts and they play and dance. I love him to bits too! Buffy is wonderful - full of bravery and pathos and humour, and with so much love to give.
Age: 3+