Adam was here - a story about homelessness ISBN: 9780749620257
Chambers, Catherine
Published by Watts, 1995

Adam's parents have lost their jobs and their home as a result. For awhile Adam and Lucy and their parents live with relatives. But tensions run high, and the imminent arrival of a new baby, making the aunt and uncle's flat too small, throws them onto social services. A place is found in a B & B hotel where they live in one room and must adjust. While Adam and Lucy have loving parents and never lose hope, Cal, whom they meet at the B & B is on the run with her mum from a violent father, and there is little hope that she will have a happy solution. Adam carves the sentence 'Adam was here' in an unobtrusive place in each of their temporary homes. Because the story is told from his point of view, we see his stress and humiliation, but as the novel is a short one, some of the detail is, perhaps, sanitised. There is a happy ending for the Fox family. Black and white illustrations. List of helpful organisations and an introduction by the Director of Centrepoint.
Age: 9+