Not fair, won't share! ISBN: 9781841218489
Gardiner, Lindsey
Published by Orchard, 2001
Blue is a big dog who likes peace and quiet, and Pinky is a noisy, yappy small dog. They are good friends, but Pinky likes to eat Blue's food, run off with the ball, and pull Blue's tail. Blue is quite philosophical about all this - until Pinky tries to take Squishy Rabbit. They tug and tug until Squishy Rabbit's ear comes off and Blue shouts at Pinky, 'You spoil everything'. Pinky retires to the bottom of the garden, feeling lonely and sad. For awhile Blue is quite pleased at having the house to herself, but then she begins to miss Pinky, and when Pinky returns, Blue is willing to put up with her noise and bounciness. In return, Pinky has learned that Squishy Rabbit is out of bounds. A good parable about sharing and accepting differences in personalities. Excellent illustrations - Blue and Pinky look like stuffed toys rather than real dogs.
Age: 2+