Give me shelter ISBN: 9781845075224
Bradman, Tony (Ed)
Published by Frances Lincoln, 2007
This is a series of short stories about children and their families seeking asylum, and no one reading their experiences could fail to feel empathy and understanding with what they go through. From a family fleeing civil war in the Congo, to a boy leaving the fighting in Eritrea, to another smuggled out of Iraq, to a Kurdish girl from Turkey who faces misunderstanding in England, to children from Darfur, Somalia, and Zimbabwe - all have their stories to tell. There are few happy endings. The children have seen parents die, they lie, they face terrible hardships, and when they get to where they want to be, they are often cruelly mistreated and even cheated. There are positive outcomes in their stories, but the outlook is bleak for many. Written mostly either by asylum seekers or those who work with them, these all-too-believable stories should be discussed and wept over and ultimately accepted as a truth almost too terrible to contemplate. And they should mean that we will learn a lesson ourselves in how to treat our fellow man.
Age: 10+