Loudmouth Louis ISBN: 9780141302058
Fine, Anne and Aldous, Kate
Published by Puffin, 1998

Louis is never quiet. He talks so constantly that teachers and parents alike are unbelieving when he decides to do a sponsored silence in aid of the new school library. Mum, however, becomes his new manager, and on the day sends him off with good advice: To listen, to be a fly on the wall. That way, he will be so interested he won't need to talk. It is good advice. During the long day, he almost fails several times, but his friends help, and he discovers they want him to make it because his chatter has been an irritation to them too. He makes lots of money for the school library, and a plaque is put up saying 'Silence Was Golden'. Louis is a loveable lad with a very real problem that is handled with humour. Short novel with black and white line drawings.
Age: 8+