Two left feet ISBN: 9781859026595
Sullivan, Jenny and Howells, Graham
Published by Pont, 1999

Bryn has 'wonky' legs and must use a frame with wheels to help him walk. He loves school, but occasionally falls out with Owain, who is heavily into football and sometimes won't let Bryn be in goal, even though he is good at it. When the class visits Raglan Castle, Bryn isn't allowed to climb the castle steps with the others, but Owain soon reappears looking white and distressed. He doesn't like heights. When the other children are off exploring, Bryn decides to climb the steps on his own, which he does with great difficulty. The teacher brings Owain up to help rescue Bryn and the two become friends. Bright, cheerful pictures show us a determined and popular little boy, striving to do his very best. Both lads learn to overcome their disabilities and to accept each other as they are.
Age: 6+