Crab-boy Cranc ISBN: 9781859028353
Rainsbury, Julie and Evans, Fran
Published by Pont, 2000

Cai is known as Cranc, the Welsh word for crab, because his bad leg makes him shuffle sideways. Cai does not take the teasing well. His parents try to tell him to tease back, but he can't do that. When Caradog arrives at school, things begin to look up. He is so laid back that he just laughs when the others call him cimwch, lobster, because of his red hair and bright clothes. Caradog is good at sport, particularly football, and Cai is afraid their friendship will falter because he can't play. However, he can swim very well and when the class goes to camp, they discover that Caradog is afraid of the water. Caradog does not like to admit this - the one thing he will not be teased about - and he and Cai have an argument because he will not talk about it. In their anger, they start back to camp along the beach and get cut off by the tide. After the rescue, they are firmer friends than ever, having accepted each other's weaknesses. A short novel (48 pages) with black and white illustrations.
Age: 8+