Dream dancer ISBN: 9781842700419
Newsome, Jill and Munoz, Claudio
Published by Andersen Press, 2001
This story gives hope to the injured child. Lily loves dancing. She is at it morning, noon and night, and she's good. She dances in her dreams too, but when a fall from a tree puts her leg in plaster, she is bereft. When grandma gives her a little dancing doll, Lily begins to enjoy life once again. Through all the long, painful months of getting better and physiotherapy, the doll Peggy is beside her, and when she is finally able to go back to ballet lessons, it is Peggy who gives her the courage. What if she has forgotten how to dance? But, of course, she hasn't, and though it takes many months and very hard work, Lily once more dances like a dream. Beautiful, soft, chalk-like pictures add greatly to the text of an uplifting story.
Age: 5+