Wings ISBN: 9781842991930
Lovegrove, James and Miller, Ian
Published by Barrington Stoke, 2004
This short (62 pages) book with beautifully detailed black and white illustrations takes us to Cloudcap City, where people have wings and houses are magnetized boxes that float in the air. The descriptions are magical, full of imagination and beauty. But there is one lad who is not happy with life in Cloudcap City. Az is disabled; he can only walk, not fly; he was born without wings. And while his loving parents (particularly his inventor father) have adapted their home with steps and doors that go all the way to the floor to make life easier for him, he feels different. When his misguided dad makes him a pair of copper wings and insists he tries to fly, he falls and is almost killed. He and his father both realise that he didn't want to try to fly - that flying was a dream, a dream that he would always have: 'Sometimes it's all right to keep a dream that never comes true'. A deeply felt parable about how it feels to cope with disability among the able-bodied. Barrington Stokes creamy paper and clear print make this a joy to read.
Age: 9+