Bubblegum guy ISBN: 9780747531258
Drost, Joost
Published by Bloomsbury, 1997

Forget the rather appalling title, this is an interesting and well-written short book. Guy has been born with bubblegum in his mouth, and as he grows, he develops a curious trait. Every time he gets angry (which is constantly) he blows a big bubble which breaks all over the person he is angry with. Things go from bad to worse and his parents and teachers despair. He cannot control himself, and a particularly strong aspect of the book is the effect this has on all those around him. When he meets an old man who seems to understand his problem, he begins to see himself as others see him. And when the old man takes him off to his cottage by the sea and they go diving together, he learns patience. The story is moving, and while the ending is strange, Guy learns a great deal about himself and how to find happiness. Distinguished black and white illustrations.
Age: 9+