Calling Tracy ISBN: 9780241132760
Cherrington, Clare
Published by Hamish Hamilton (Antelopes), 1993
Tracy falls from a tree and breaks her leg. Being a positive sort, she is sure she will be up and ice skating in competitions again in a matter of weeks. Her final realisation that she will have a permanent limp and never skate again is a terrible blow. She becomes depressed and withdrawn and refuses to go to school. Her mum calls in a special doctor who gradually makes her see that life is not finished. She learns to fight battles at school with unkind people, and she learns that her best friend will no longer be her best friend because they can no longer share their common interest in skating. Tracy is a 'one thing' person, so she must find a new interest - which turns out to be riding. While there are still times of depression, she has learned to cope. Short novel.
Age: 8+