Georgie ISBN: 9780747551546
Doyle, Malachy
Published by Bloomsbury, 2001
Georgie is a badly damaged boy. There is something terrible in his past that has turned him into a behavioural nightmare; he cannot talk or read, and he attacks those who care for him. Right from the shocking beginning, we hear Georgie's inmost thoughts, but he is holding back. There is something he refuses to think about. In desperation, his carers send him to a school in Wales, where he is treated with calmness and courtesy and given a nice room. Heretofore, he has trashed everything, but now, thanks to a kind and understanding teacher/psychologist and a girl who has suffered as well, Georgie's painful rediscovery of himself can begin. The book is harrowing, entirely truthful, and completely un-put-downable. While aimed at older teenagers, we used it with great success with years 7 and 8 in our local comprehensive. It is rare to find a book that gets within a person's mind so effectively. Outstanding.
Age: 11+