Scritch scratch ISBN: 9781841211121
Moss, Miriam and Durand, Delphine
Published by Orchard, 2001
This is an information book - sort of - about head lice. We meet a little louse, much given to bouts of rhyming verse, and we see her dropping onto the head of Miss Calypso, a teacher, and then her vast family infecting the whole class. While the children are all dosed with combs and 'special conditioner', no one thinks to de-louse Miss Calypso - until the headmaster realises the problem and 'conditions' Miss Calypso personally! Love blossoms....and all is well. A zany story with wonderfully colourful comic-style pictures, interspersed with dancing text - just like the little hopping insects. A cheerful introduction to a perennial pest!
Age: 4+