Mike has chicken-pox ISBN: 9781902463384
Leigh, Jenny and Fox, Woody
Published by Red Kite (Doctor Spot Case Book series), 2002
Cheeky Mike Monkey is in a temper. He is rude to his friends, and when they tease him about the spots he has developed, he runs home crying. Mrs Monkey is horrified at the spots and rings Doctor Spot right away. He, of course, diagnoses chicken-pox. 'But I'm a monkey, not a chicken,' says Mike. Good advice and a bottle of calomine lotion are given and then Mr and Mrs Monkey have a difficult week keeping their active son in the house and occupied. Two pages of information for parents give further help and advice. One of an excellent series of books about childhood ailments that give real facts along with a good story told with wit and humour.
Age: 4+