Lawrence has nits ISBN: 9781902463902
Leigh, Jenny and Fox, Woody
Published by Red Kite (Doctor Spot Case Book series), 2003
When Lawrence Lion goes to the barber to have his mane trimmed, Mr Monkey discovers nits and sends him home. Mum is horrified, and off they go to see Doctor Spot immediately. It is actually the Practice Nurse who tells Mrs Lion what to do and sends them home with a nit comb and a lotion. At school Lawrence is teased, so the teacher invites Doctor Spot in to tell the class all about head lice. There are 2 pages of excellent information for parents at the end of the book, and the whole rather jolly approach, together with bright, humourous illustrations of animals will appeal to both children and adults. One of an excellent series on childhood ailments recommended by The Patients Association.
Age: 4+