Harriet has tonsillitis ISBN: 9781902463377
Leigh, Jenny and Fox, Woody
Published by Red Kite (Doctor Spot Case Book series), 2002
Harriet Hippopotamus is so anxious to go to her friend Humphrey's birthday party that she manages to ignore the symptoms of tonsillitis coming on. But when Mrs Hippo realises how ill she is, she rushes her home and phones Doctor Spot. A simple explanation of tonsillitis follows, along with an antibiotic, and after a few days Harriet is herself again. Two pages of information for parents make it clear that there are two types of tonsillitis, viral and bacterial, but that only the bacterial can be helped by antibiiotics. One of an excellent series of books about childhood ailments that provide information and reassurance using humour and a real story. Recommended by The Patients Association.
Age: 4+