Franklin has conjunctivitis ISBN: 9781902463872
Leigh, Jenny and Fox, Woody
Published by Red Kite (Doctor Spot Case Book series), 2005
Franklin Frog is terribly excited because he is off to go camping with his dad and his friends Charlie Cheetah and Brian Bear. But when Franklin wakes up the first morning of the camping trip, he has red, sore eyes. Brian's father recognises an eye infection and they bathe Franklin's eyes with water and cotton wool. Luckily, Doctor Spot is joining the camping trip later that day, and he brings along some antibiotic eye drops to treat poor Franklin. Then Ronnie Rhino gets red eyes too..... Good explanations of what conjunctivitis is, how it's treated and what one must do to keep it from spreading. This is one of an excellent series of books on childhood health problems that explain things in simple, easy to understand terms, and which use animals as a metaphor for human problems. The bright, accessible pictures add to the interest, and there are two pages of information at the end for parents. Highly recommended!
Age: 5+