Emma has measles ISBN: 9781902463445
Leigh, Jenny and Fox, Woody
Published by Red Kite (Doctor Spot Case Book series), 2004
Emma the elephant has the star role in the school play about a circus; she is to walk the tightrope! She is very excited, and when she develops symptoms that seem like a cold, she is sure she will be fine. Then the rash appears... Emma is quite ill and very disappointed about the play. Doctor Spot is reassuring and explains what is happening and why she must stay at home. When she is better, she is pleased to learn that the play has been put off - because the other animals have measles too - probably caught from her! There's lots of information about the illness and what it's like to suffer from it. Two pages of parents' information is quite detailed. The simple, bright illustrations work a treat, but one hopes there will not be too many children in the twenty-first century who suffer from this sometimes dangerous disease.
Age: 3+