Don't you feel well, Sam? ISBN: 9780744573350
Hest, Amy and Jeram, Anita
Published by Walker, 2002
Sam bear and his mama live in a little white house on Plum Street. One cold winter night as Mrs Bear is putting Sam to bed, he starts to cough. He doesn't want to take the cough syrup she brings him - the spoon is too big and the syrup tastes bad. Mama lures him into taking the medicine by saying they will go downstairs after and 'wait for the snow'. The rest of this superb picture book shows us the two bears snuggled up in their cosy kitchen, telling stories, drinking tea and waiting for the snow. When it finally comes, they are sound asleep. The simple illustrations, full of warm colour, fill the whole page, making us feel the love and concern of the mother bear for her child.
Age: 2+