Germs ISBN: 9780747569657
Collins, Ross
Published by Bloomsbury, 2004
Pox is a reluctant chickenpox germ. Short, round and green, he is sent off to the Germ Academy to be trained as a real germ. But Pox is bottom of the class, and when Pus, Scab, Rash and Snot are full of boasts about their relatives' exploits, Pox is just saddened for the miserable sick children. When he is sent off to infect Myrtle just before her birthday, he isn't pleased - even less so when he comes up against the white knights (white blood cells) in Myrtle's immune system. It is Pox who joins forces with the knights to keep Myrtle well and avoid the dastardly plots of Pus, Scab and co. This is clever and original and manages to convey real information in an interesting form. The full-page illustrations with integrated text are full of verve and panache. Great fun. A good choice for the surgery waiting room.
Age: 5+