Dr Dog ISBN: 9780099650812
Cole, Babette
Published by Red Fox, 1996
A bizarre production. Kids will love it! Dr Dog is the Gumboyle family pet and the only sensible one of the lot. They are all ill - Kurt has been smoking behind the shed, Gerty has tonsillitis, Kev has nits, Baby Gumboyle has worms (caused by graphically pictured nasty habits), Fiona has earache, and Granddad has a momumental case of wind. Dr Dog explains the cause of each of these problems and cures them, except for Granddad, whose 'dangerous gases' blow the roof off the house. Dr Dog suffers stress because of his appalling family and escapes to a desert island, only to be followed by the whole clan... Very funny, very 'basic', but contains some good information amidst all the lavatory humour.
Age: 5+