Don't do that, Kitty Kilroy! ISBN: 9780340743850
Cowell, Cressida
Published by Hodder, 1999
Kitty is a right tearaway. She paints the walls, messes up the sitting room, eats too many sweets, and is always being shouted at by mum. One day she rebels at being told not to do everything she wants to do and shouts,'Why don't you go away and let me do what I want?' So mum goes away, and Kitty wears pyjamas all day, eats everything that is bad for her, watches TV for hours, invites all her friends over to make messes - and ends up sick, sticky and tired. Mum returns and puts everything to rights. Has Kitty learned a lesson? Well, maybe! Colourful, comic-style illustrations are great fun. Look for the ginger cat who accompanies Kitty throughout.
Age: 3+