Understanding Sam and Asperger Syndrome ISBN: 9780974721712
van Niekerk, Clarabelle and Venter, Liezl
Published by Skeezel Press, 2006
Sam is a happy, giggly lad, always playing with his dog Oscar. But he is different. He doesn't like loud noises or rough and tumble or having his breakfast pancakes stacked. And he definitely doesn't like the way his new coat feels to his skin. He does like his cello and playing the same tune over and over again. At school he enjoys puzzles, but the other children tease him, and he finds it hard to make friends. He cries easily, which makes things worse at school. After a tense evening in which he runs away to go back to a fair where he's had an especially happy time, his parents realise it is time to get help. A kind doctor runs tests and discovers that he has Asperger syndrome. She explains this to his family, and together they plan a team effort to help Sam. His talent on the cello is recognised at the school concert, and he is on his way to a happier life. This story is aimed at children who know a child with AS and are struggling to understand why he or she is unusual. There are ten tips at the end of the book - ways to engage with a friend with AS. The illustrations, large, simple and direct add a great deal to the book.
Age: 6+