Can I tell you about Asperger Syndrome? ISBN: 9781843102069
Telford, Jane and Welton, Jude
Published by Jessica Kingsley, 2003
Adam has Asperger Syndrome, and this book tells us how he feels about it and what it means in his everyday life. Told in the first person, the story explains what AS is, how confusing people's expressions can be, difficulties with metaphors and jokes, with playing cooperatively, and with loud noises. He also explains that because he is stressed he can seem rude or unfriendly. He needs routine and to have changes of plan explained in advance. Physical activity - games and sport - can be difficult and need patience from others. He gets so engrossed with his special interests (computers and dinosaurs) that he may need reminding that other people have different interests. There is a list at the end as to how Adam's friends can help him cope with AS, the main way being by showing sympathy and patience. There is also an excellent section explaining to teachers how they can help. Adam is Ms Welton's son, and while his specific difficulties with Asperger are emphasised, she has also included different problems that other children may face. This is a clearly written (albeit with some terms that will need explanation to younger children) easily-read book with simple line drawings that will be very useful to children with AS as well as their friends and classmates. Available from the publisher at or from Amazon.
Age: 7+