I am not sleepy and I will not go to bed ISBN: 9781841218212
Child, Lauren
Published by Orchard, 2001
Charlie and Lola first appeared in 'I will not ever never eat a tomato'. Zany and wildly unpredictable, Lola is a bright child who insists on her own way, and it is only Charlie who can sometimes out-think her and get the desired results. In this story, he finally manages to get Lola to bed, but only after giving three tigers pink bedtime drinks, sharing a toothbrush with a lion, and chasing a whale down the plug hole. Lola enjoys her power over older brother, and they both enjoy the imaginative games they play. The illustrations, a combination of collage, line drawings, busy wallpaper backgrounds and cheerful colours are in keeping with those games, and the various erratic type faces add to the anarchic quality of the book.
Age: 3+