Alex does drugs ISBN: 9781842341100
Amos, Janine
Published by Cherrytree (Bodymatters series), 2002
One of a series aimed at young teenagers. The facts are clearly laid out in short sentences and basic vocabulary, and each book has a storyline. This plot begins with Alex learning to sniff glue and going on from there to smoking cannabis and using ecstasy. After a bad trip and stealing money from his dad to buy drugs, he realises what he is doing, and with the help of the school drama club, breaks the habit. The reasons for his behaviour are clearly focussed - stress, peer pressure, family problems, etc. The series is marred by psychedelic, colour-enhanced photos that turn faces blue, green and splotchy, and some rather messy over-printing of text. A pity, because the information and accompanying story are strong and powerful. Included are a glossary and a list of useful organizations.
Age: 11+